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The purpose of our organization is to develop, organize, and sponsor educational, charitable, and social activities. The goal is to collect and disseminate information of interest and value to our members and to foster, protect, and preserve the ideals of charity, benevolence, and good fellowship in keeping with the ideals of the United States Military Forces and Allies.

The Ramstein Officers’ Spouses' Club serves the greater Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC). It is a private organization and is not part of the Department of Defense nor any of its components; ROSC has no governmental status.

 The ROSC office is located in the Ramstein Officer's Club.

Who Benefits from ROSC?

ALL of the proceeds from the Ramstein Bazaar flow back into the military community, both in the KMC and abroad. The chart below details who received contributions from ROSC in 2018.



2018-2019 ROSC Board 

ROSC Advisor Cris August  
Honorary President Charlene Wolters  
Honorary Vice President Kathy Harrigian  
Welfare Advisor Jill Spears  
Scholarship Advisor Jolisa Koscheski  
Bazaar Advisor

Scotta Rawls & Lina Wood

Advisor Kristin Moore  

ROSC Official Email
President Robin Powell
1st Vice Diana Rocha
2nd Vice Katy Olsen
General Fund Treasurer Kathy Grimes
Welfare Fund Treasurer Misty Cherniss
Recording Secretary Cindy Morse
Corresponding Secretary Kristen Hodge
Parliamentarian Lori Popielski

Activities Ashley Wingler
AWAG Lindsay Harper
Base Community Liaison Jenn Rivard  
Bazaar Chair Kristen Bleha
Finance Director Anna Taylor
Childcare Rachel Dutkiewicz
Events Kristie Connolly
Historian Traci Junkins
Holiday Kat Hanley  
Newsletter/Web Manager Sarah Richert
Publicity/Social Media Kim Royle
Reservations Judy O'Connor 
Reservations co-chair Kristin Hightower


Dawn Coley & Megan Wallace
Volunteer Kindra Shaffer 
Volunteer co-chair Valerie Brown
Ways & Means Jeanette Mufford
Ways & Means co-chair Kristina Wendt
Welcome Scarlett Hughes
Welcome co-chair Paulette Hall  
Welfare Tracy DiFulgo

Welfare co-chair                              Debi Sutherland 

DISCLAIMER:   The Ramstein Officers' Spouses' Club may facilitate various social and/or charitable gatherings, meetings, functions, events, trips, etc. for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and non-members (collectively, "participants").  However, ROSC merely acts as a facilitator for the participants to engage in the activity, and as such, assumes no liability for any loss, injury or damage arising out of or in relation to those activities. Participation is at your own risk and discretion.